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Introducing the ultimate Class 9 IMO Prep guide by Olympiadtester, your child’s key to get a top rank in the upcoming International Mathematics Olympiad. This comprehensive course provides:

    • Sample Papers: Practice with top-quality IMO sample papers, acquainting your child with the exam format and style.
    • Challenging Questions: Access a vast bank of challenging questions to ace the Math Olympiad’s toughest sections.
    • PDF Worksheets: Numerous PDF worksheets with answer keys aid in understanding and applying critical math concepts.
    • Online Mock Tests: Assess IMO exam readiness with full-length online mock tests for Class 9, replicating the actual exam environment for optimal performance.

Furthermore, our IMO prep guide for Class 9 is meticulously crafted based on previous year question papers and the expected pattern in the upcoming Olympiad. This ensures:

    • Effective Preparation: Access to sample papers and challenging questions fosters a deep understanding of math concepts.
    • Confidence Building: Regular practice with worksheets and mock tests instills confidence, eliminating exam anxiety.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: The guide comprehensively covers all topics in the latest SOF Syllabus for Class 9 IMO.
    • Proven Track Record: Olympiadtester, the leader in Olympiad exam preparation since 2015, boasts numerous #1 international rankers and gold medalists.

Undoubtedly, Olympiadtester has been the #1 platform for IMO preparation since 2015, preferred by most #1 international rankers and gold medalists. With Olympiadtester’s IMO prep guide for Class 9, your child isn’t just preparing for an exam – they’re embarking on a journey towards mathematical excellence. Join us and invest in your child’s future today.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Weekly mock tests provide deep practice before the actual IMO exam.
  • Multiple chapter-wise tests aid in mastering Maths concepts in each chapter.
  • Detailed explanations aid in learning from mistakes and avoiding repetition.
  • Global scoring pattern offers an indication of your likely international rank in the Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Achieve the coveted certification (IMO - OCS) through successful preparation.

Course Content

Chapter – Number Systems

  • Online Test – 01

Chapter – Polynomials

Chapter – Coordinate Geometry

Chapter – Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter – Geometry

Chapter – Lines and Angles

Chapter – Triangles

Chapter – Quadrilaterals

Chapter – Circles

Chapter – Surface Areas and Volumes

Chapter – Statistics

Chapter – Probability

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