Competitions for Indian School Students – List, Tips, Resources and important information

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Your Pages Competition for School Children – Children’s Book Trust

The competition is open to all school children. The last date for submission is 31st July…

India Writer Award 2024: A popular contest by Indian Film House

Eligibility: 6 years and above. Category: Poetry. Cash prizes upto 1.7 lacs…

Dukes Plus Essay Competition 2024: Call for Online Submissions

Submission deadline: 14th August, 2024. Registration is free. Eligibility: Students aged…

iOM, International Olympiad of Mathematics – All you need to know

Organizer: Silverzone foundation, Exam dates: 19th November 2024 and 10th December 2024…

International Olympiad of Science (iOS): 2024-25

Silverzone iOS Exam Dates: 1st date – 13th November 2024, 2nd date – 5th December 2024…

IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad): 2024-25

Exam dates of SOF IGKO: 1st date – 19th September 2024, 2nd date – 4th October 2024, 3rd…

IEO (International English Olympiad): 2024-25

IEO Exam dates: 1st date – 26th September 2024, 2nd date – 8th October, 3rd date – 8th…

IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad): 2024-25

IMO dates: 1st date – 22nd October 2024, 2nd date – 19th November, 3rd date – 12th…

NSO (National Science Olympiad) 2024-25: All you need to know

Exam dates of SOF NSO: DATE ONE – 18th October 2024, DATE TWO – 12th November, DATE…

International Computer Science Olympiad (ICSO): 2024-25

Organizer: SOF, 1st date: 20th December, 2024, 2nd date: 21st January, 2025, Registration…

Parentkart has curated a comprehensive list of top upcoming competitions for Indian school students, spanning various categories to cater to diverse interests and talents. Whether you’re passionate about academics, arts, or technology, these competitions provide an exciting platform to challenge yourself and shine.

Competitions for Indian School Students: A Multifaceted Journey

Challenge yourself with a multitude of competitions catering to Indian school students across various categories. From academic pursuits to artistic expressions and technological innovations, these competitions provide a platform to explore, learn, and excel.

Olympiads: Test Your Academic Mettle

Engage in academic challenges through Olympiads organized by prestigious institutions such as Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), Unified Council, and Silverzone Foundation. These competitions cover subjects like Science, Maths, Computer Science, English, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, Social Studies, and more. Participate and demonstrate your knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills.
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International Competitions: Broaden Your Global Perspective

Participate in international competitions and engage with students from around the world. These events offer an opportunity to broaden your horizons, exchange ideas, and showcase your talents on a global stage.

Talent-Based Competitions: Express Your Creativity and Skills

Unleash your creativity and talents in a variety of skill-based competitions, including:

Debate Competitions: Argue Your Way to Victory

Sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills in debate competitions. Engage in structured arguments, defend your viewpoints, and persuade judges with compelling arguments.

Essay Writing Competitions: Craft Your Thoughts into Words

Express your ideas, opinions, and perspectives through the art of essay writing. Essay competitions provide a platform to explore topics of interest, showcase your writing prowess, and convey powerful messages through words.

Logo Design Competitions: Create Memorable Brand Identities

Put your design skills to the test in logo design competitions. Design logos that effectively represent brands, convey messages, and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Coding Contests: Solve Problems, Write Code

Showcase your programming skills and problem-solving abilities in coding contests. Solve challenges, write efficient code, and compete with fellow coders to demonstrate your programming prowess.

Other Competitions: Explore a World of Opportunities

Discover additional competitions tailored for Indian school students, including:

  • Public Speaking Competitions
  • Science Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Robotics Competitions
  • Drama and Theatre Competitions
  • Music Competitions
  • Sports Competitions


With a wide range of competitions available for Indian school students, there’s something for everyone to explore, learn, and excel. Embrace these opportunities, challenge yourself, and embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and success.