Free Courses Online with Certificates for School students: Achieve top ranks

Olympiad Exam Preparation

Our courses serve as ideal prep guides for a variety of Olympiad exams, including Science Olympiads (NSO, iOS, NSTSE), Maths Olympiads (IMO, UIMO, iOM), Cyber Olympiads (ICSO, iIO), English Olympiads (IEO, iOEL, UIEO), GK Olympiads (IGKO, SKGKO), and more. We follow the latest syllabus issued by respective organizers such as SOF, SilverZone Foundation, and Unified Council.

CBSE Exam Preparation

Designed according to the latest syllabus issued by NCERT and aligned with the NEP (National Education Policy), these courses ensure students are well-prepared for their CBSE exams.

Comprehensive Testing

To reinforce learning and identify any gaps in understanding, each chapter’s concepts in every subject are thoroughly tested through online mock tests and PDF worksheets. We provide many more free sample papers than any other platform. Moreover, our experts, who have deep experience in helping students achieve #1 international ranks, prepare these world-class courses. Quantity coupled with quality is what makes our courses the most preferred prep material of toppers.

Detailed Scorecards

Instant and detailed scorecards are provided upon submission of online tests, along with explanations. This allows students to self-assess their performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. Additionally, these scorecards help in tracking progress over time.

Online Merit Certificates

Moreover, we offer online merit certificates instantly issued for scores exceeding 70% in mock tests. Recognizing students’ achievements, these certificates serve as a testament to their dedication and hard work. Earning these certificates can also motivate students to perform better in future tests.

Benefits of our Online Courses

Engagement is maintained throughout our free online courses. Additionally, students will be able to benchmark their exam readiness against global peers, thanks to the live global scoring pattern of mock tests. Furthermore, our courses help students achieve a top international rank in Olympiad exams and class rank in CBSE. Notably, most #1 international rankers trust our courses.

Parents and teachers can track progress and provide additional support where needed. Navigation is easy for both students and educators on our user-friendly platform. This support system ensures that students have the necessary resources and guidance to succeed.


In conclusion, our free online courses with certificates offer a valuable resource for students preparing for Olympiad exams and CBSE exams. With our comprehensive courses, students can achieve academic excellence and reach their full potential. Therefore, start exploring our courses today and give yourself the competitive edge you need to succeed! Finally, join our robust parent community to discuss and exchange information with like-minded parents.